Tibetan Hero

Runggye Adak

Tibetan Hero

Runggye Adak

Imprisoned for 8 years

RELEASED: 31 July 2015

Tibetan Hero

Runggye Adak

Help Welcome Him Home

Tibetan Political Prisoners

There are hundreds of Tibetan political prisoners held by Chinese authorities for opposing, or criticizing China’s rule of Tibet.

Free Tibetan Heroes is a global campaign highlighting Tibetans who – like so many Tibetans – have risked their own freedom to advocate for the rights of their people and to resist Chinese policies in Tibet. They are true heroes and their actions represent the wishes and aspirations of countless Tibetans living under Chinese rule.

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Hero Profiles

Read about some of the Tibetan people imprisoned by the Chinese authorities and take action to help secure their release.

Take Action

Call upon politicians worldwide to put pressure on the Chinese authorities to release political prisoners.

Political Prisoners

Tibetan political prisoners are Tibetans held by Chinese authorities because they have highlighted, opposed, or criticized China’s rule of Tibet.


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