Write to Tibetan Heroes

What is Write to Tibetan Heroes?

Write to Tibetan Heroes is a global action to send messages to imprisoned Tibetans, to offer messages of solidarity and support, and to show  they are not forgotten.

Writing messages to political prisoners is known in many cases to help boost morale and make an important psychological difference to people while in prison. Despite all our email actions a hand-written letter is still one of the most powerful tools we have as activists: letters can build pressure on authorities by showing there is a level of international support for individual prisoners.

3 Reasons to Join Us

1) It is Successful

Your words really can make a difference. Human rights organisations that run letter writing actions have had feedback from released political prisoners that letters from supporters helped change their lives.

2) It is Simple

You simply need to write a short letter or message to one or more of the listed Tibetan Heroes.

We have made some easy to use information with everything you need to write your letter(s), which can be found HERE.

All you need to do is write your personal message and then simply send your letters to the address included on the Tibetan Heroes page. We do then ask that you let us know who you wrote to, which can be just one or many.

3) It gives Hope

By sending a letter, or letters, you will be joining with human rights supporters around the globe who are writing to political prisoners to bring hope and to make change.

As well as writing your own letters you could organise a Tibetan Heroes Rights Write and invite your friends, family, work colleagues and community members together to the give hope and solidarity to Tibetan Heroes in Tibet. Join us!


What should I put in my letter?

You can write something very short and basic, but simply make it personal from you. We have provided a short sample letter to give you an idea but feel free to be creative and let your personality come through. Remember this is a letter of solidarity, aiming to help Tibetan Heroe feel uplifted and supported. Tell them where you’re writing from so they know how far their story has traveled.

Is there anything I should avoid saying?

Avoid talking about politics, and definitely do not write about Tibetan freedom or independence. It is highly probable that your letter will be read by the authorities before it reaches the writer, so use your common sense and don’t say anything that could put her/him at risk.

What language should I write in?

Ideally in English, or if that isn’t possible please write in your own language. If the Tibetan Heroes does not speak the language in which you are writing, keep the sentences short and simple and the overall length of the message relatively brief to enable the letter to be easily translated.