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Countless numbers of Tibetan political prisoners are currently held in Chinese prisons. Torture of prisoners in Tibet is endemic and is used systemically and routinely by Chinese authorities against Tibetans.

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Lhundrub Drakpa

Imprisoned Tibetan Singer – At Risk of Further Torture

Lhundrub Drakpa, a popular Tibetan singer, was sentenced to six-years in prison in June 2020. He was detained after he released a song about the repression that Tibetans face under China’s occupation.

A-Nya Sengdra

A-Nya Sengdra: Environment Activist Jailed for Seven-Years

A-Nya Sengdra

A-Nya Sengdra, a Tibetan nomad and environmental activist from eastern Tibet arrested and charged on false charges linked to his peaceful activism as an environmentalist, community leader, and anti-corruption activist.

Tashi Wangchuk

China: Release Tibetan language rights campaigner immediately

Tashi Wangchuk

Tashi Wangchuk, a young Tibetan businessman and language rights advocate has been sentenced to five years’ imprisonment for “inciting separatism”.

Lhamo Kyab

Highly respected primary school teacher serving 15 years.

Lhamo Kyab

Lhamo Kyab was taken away late at night in 2008 accused of “endangering state security” around the 2008 Tibetan uprising. Lhamo Kyab was held in secret for almost 2 years before being sentenced.

Bangri Chongtrul Rinpoche

Was due for a release on 30 July 2021. We have had no confirmation of his release or well-being

Bangri Rinpoche
Well respected Tibetan community leader and head of a children’s orphanage. In 1999 he was arrested due to his growing local influence.


Tibetan writer Lobsang Jamyang serving a 7-year sentence

LomikLobsang Jamyang represents a new generation of Tibetans who are paying a high price for peaceful expression of views in a political climate in which almost any expression of Tibetan identity or culture can be termed ‘criminal.’

Yeshe Choedron

Retired doctor serving a 15-year sentence

Yeshe Choedron

Yeshe Choedron has been in prison since 2008, accused of sending “intelligence” to Tibetans in exile. Her children are currently not allowed to visit her.