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A-Nya Sengdra ལྷ་མོ་སྐྱབས་

A-Nya Sengdra

A-Nya Sengdra, a Tibetan nomad and environmental activist, was detained by Chinese security officers in Amdo, Eastern Tibet in 2018. His arrest came after years of working to fight corruption and protect his local environment from unregulated mining.

A-Nya was beaten by Chinese security officers and held for over 14 months without trial. For the first 48 days of his detention, A-Nya Sengdra was denied access to his lawyer. 

On December 6th 2019 he was found guilty for “gathering people to disturb public order” and “picking quarrels and provoking trouble” – phoney charges China often brings against human rights defenders. 

His arrest and detention are a direct response to his peaceful activism as an environmentalist, community leader and anti-corruption activist.

A-Nya is known to be in very poor health.


A-Nya Sengdra | ཨ་ཉ་སེང་སྒྲ་ | 阿亞桑扎
℅ Wang Jianjun 王建军
No.12 Xidajie, Xining, Qinghai 810000
People’s Republic of China

In Chinese:
A-Nya Sengdra | ཨ་ཉ་སེང་སྒྲ་ | 阿亞桑扎
℅ Wang Jianjun 王建军
810000 中華人民共和國青海省西寧市西大街12號

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SALUTATION: Dear A-Nya Sengdra la


Dear A-Nya Sengdra la,

I’m writing to you from [ADD YOUR COUNTRY]. Please know that I and many others around the world are thinking of you and hope very much for your release.


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Avoid talking about politics, and definitely do not write about Tibetan freedom or independence. It is highly probable that your letter will be read by the authorities before it reaches the prisoner. Please use common sense when composing your text and don’t say anything that could put her/ him at risk.