Take Action for Dhondup’s Safe Return


To the Director of the
Qinghai Province Women’s Prison
Nanshan Road 40
810000 Xining City, Qinghai Province
PR China

Dear Director,

In your labour camp there is a Tibetan man whose name is Dhondup Wangchen and should have never been put in prison but praised for his good work.

I have learnt that he will be released next year in spring from prison after serving six years in labour camps for making the documentary film “Leaving Fear Behind”. He has been transferred last year from another labour camp to your institution and has, according to the family’s information, health problems.

Therefore, his wife, children, relatives, parents and friends inside and outside Tibet are very worried.

You are the director of the prison and it is your responsibility to let this man in the best health back to his loved ones.

We appeal to you to return Dhondup safely back to his family.