Kirti Monastery Monk Jailed

19 July | Radio Free Asia
A Tibetan monk whose whereabouts were not known since his arrest eight months ago has been ordered jailed for three years, it was learned Thursday, while the fate of another monk held from the same monastery remains unclear.

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Tibetan Writers Detained

16 July | Radio Free Asia
Security officers in China’s Sichuan province have detained two Tibetan monks who wrote books critical of Chinese policies in Tibet and are holding them in an undisclosed location where they may face torture, according to Tibetan sources.

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Lone Protester Beaten

9 July | Chinese authorities in a restive Tibetan prefecture of Sichuan province have beaten and detained a young man who staged a solitary protest against Chinese rule and demanding the release of all political prisoners in Tibet, according to a source with contacts in the area.
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