Campaigns to highlight the cases of Tibetan political prisoners are on-going. Please read some of the recent highlights of actions taking place around the world.
2011:[calendardateend/] [campaigncol/]Where Is Jigme Guri?

Jigme Guri, a senior Tibetan monk, was detained by Chinese authorities for the fourth time in five years on 20 August 2011.

His whereabouts and well-being were unknown for over six months. During this time a petition to capture individuals support for Jigme Guri via photos and video was launched.
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2011:[calendardateend/] [campaigncol/]Norzin Wangmo:

Norzin Wangmo, a Tibetan writer, mother and cadre, was serving a five-year prison sentence for sharing information about Tibet via her phone and the internet. For simple taking an action that we take for granted and do every day, Norzin was detained, sentenced and tortured.

Between 8 and 12 March 2011 Tibet supporters around the world took part in a simple SMS action to sending direct messages to China demanding Norzin be released immediately.

Free Norzin Wangmo from International Tibet Network on Vimeo.
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2009:[calendardateend/][campaigncol/]Tenzin Delek Rinpoche:

Free Tenzin Delek Rinpoche: An Innocent Monk from International Tibet Network on Vimeo.

Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, a highly revered Tibetan Buddhist lama and beloved community leader from Lithang, eastern Tibet, is serving a life sentence in a Sichuan prison for allegedly “conspiring to cause explosions”. He was sentenced to death in 2002 in a closed door trial that failed to meet even the most minimal international legal standards and no credible evidence has ever been found linking him to this crime. Following an international campaign on his behalf, Tenzin Delek’s death sentence was commuted to life imprisonment in 2005. Since then, Tibetans and their supporters worldwide have continued to advocate for his release.

In June 2009, Tenzin Delek Rinpoche told a community member who visited him in prison, “I am not guilty, please appeal for justice for me … call all people together and do everything possible to help me overturn the verdict”. In a remarkable act of support, 40,000 Tibetans in his community signed petitions – many signatures being in the form of thumbprints – demanding justice for their leader. Members of Tenzin Delek’s family attempted to deliver the petitions to the Chinese central government in Beijing and Tibetans in the Lithang area gathered in town centres to appeal for his release.

Thousands of individuals around the world joined Tibetans to add their support to the petition.