Jigme Guri was detained for the fourth time in five years on 20 August 2011.  On 1 January, after four months detention, a warrant for his arrests was issued with charges of “splittism”.

Please join the visual petition ‘Where is Jigme Guri? to help us raise his case and demand his release.

It is easy to take part, all you need to do is:


1. Download and print Where Is Jigme Guri?’ sheet (1.1Mb pdf file)

2. Hold the sheet in front of you

3. Take a picture.

4. You can post them in a number of ways:

– Upload your photo to ‘Where Is Jigme Guri?’ Flickr Group

– Add to Free Tibetan Heroes Facebook page

– Post to @FreeTibHeroes on Twitter

– Email to tibetanheroes@tibetnetwork.org

Use your freedom to stand in solidarity with Jigme Guri and help us Free Tibetan Heroes.

*The photos/videos will be collected together and a special deliver action will be announced shortly.[/hometeaser]