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The  global Tibet movement condemns China’s continuing crackdown on the monks of Kirti Monastery and Tibetans living in Ngaba, eastern Tibet. This crackdown has resulted in well over 300 detentions, three deaths and the sentencing of monks to long prison terms.

Send a short SMS message to Chinese leaders to stop crackdown in Ngaba.

Supporters can either write their own message or use the suggested messages below, which have been translated into Chinese and can simply be cut & pasted

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SMS for Norzin Wangmo

Norzin Wangmo, a Tibetan writer, mother and cadre, is serving a five-year prison sentence for sharing information about Tibet via her phone and the internet. For a simple action, something we take for granted and do every day, Norzin was detained and tortured.

JOIN US NOW to send a direct message to China to demand she be released immediately.

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